Fingerprint Record Check Regulations

September 13, 2013 11:55 AM | Anonymous

The GCCA is working with DECAL to review upcoming proposed regulations aimed at specifying the number of days that a provisional employee will have to submit a fingerprint record check to the agency.  The 21 day suggestion by GCCA has been adopted thus far by DECAL and will be put forth in public hearings beginning on Sept 30th, Oct 1st and Oct. 2nd.


A provisional employee may not begin work until they have a clear GCIC background check.  Once cleared, under the proposed regulation they will then be given 21 days on the job to submit all necessary paperwork to DECAL.   Based upon the "determination" that will be returned  to both the employer and the employee, they will be able to continue to be employed as a regular/permanent employee or they must be terminated immediately.


To note, on GCIC searches if a teacher has a criminal record in another state, that check will be returned with a code that states they are a multi-state offender.  It will not state what that offense is but this would signal to a potential employer that you would need to review their record for other crimes.



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