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  • Support an expert industry lobbyist to protect YOUR business interest to lobby our legislators and regulatory agencies
  • Enable real-time monitoring of unwanted, burdensome legislation introduced during the legislative session and lobby to THWART bills from harming our industry
  • Leverage political contributions to support early care industry legislation
  • Advocate for increases in Georgia Pre-K, subsidized care funding and program improvements
  • Promote positive image in the industry through coordinated media and marketing efforts by working with professional PR organizations to represent our needs



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With the influx of mandates being handed down from the Federal Government, GCCA has expanded our scope of how we must lobby to protect our state!

Our lobbying team has increased efforts with our US Congressional delegation to ask for a one year waiver on the new extensive, “comprehensive” fingerprint background checks.

These new requirements will eliminate the much needed “provisional employee” designation that we worked with DECAL on creating to assist programs with staying in ratio while the fingerprint background checks were being returned.

There is much work to be done with a new administration to ensure that early education is on their radar. Your donations are needed to fund these additional lobbying efforts.

Thank you for your support and consideration!