Dear Members,

Imagine what it would be like to be alone in your business with no one to turn to for advice, guidance and support. What if government remained unchecked in their drive to over regulate your industry and  pass burdensome mandates that had little practical application to your center’s operation?

Before GCCA became a unified voice for providers and started to work closely with DECAL and other regulatory agencies, this was the real world. The provider community was left as out. We were not considered partners in the very industry that we provide direct care.

GCCA has been diligently working behind the scenes for the private early learning industry for now forty years. We have formed a collaborative relationship with DECAL that helps to facilitate positive change for our industry. While we may not agree on everything, this mutual respect allows us to achieve the best possible outcomes for Georgia’s children and the businesses that serve them.

As the Executive Director, I can tell you that our members are our lifeblood for obtaining critical information that enables us to highlight arising industry issues and concern and take action! This symbiotic relationship allows GCCA to protect your business and work on what matters most to you!

One of our “big goals” for 2017 is to add value to your membership through increased professional development opportunities and membership benefits. Please check out our latest events on the professional development tab and vendor discounts on our partnership page.

Thank you all for what you do every day! You are the unsung industry heroes, the job creators, the unofficial counselors to your staff and parents, unpaid case workers and resource coordinators and of our EDUCATORS to our most precious citizens!


Carolyn Salvador
GCCA Executive Director