Exemptions Should be the Exception

Keeping children safe should be one of the first considerations for both parents and providers. Unfortunately, many parents are under the false assumption that any business that works with young children must certainly meet health and safety standards to protect children. This cannot be further from the truth.

Thousands of camps and "after-school programs" in our state have applied to be"exempt" from licensing or in other words, to be excused from any rules, regulations and oversight from the state that are in place to keep children safe.

GCCA strongly advocates for a reduction to existing exemption categories and increased enforcement for those that may be allowed to operate.

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The Difference Between Licensed and Exempt Programs

The information provides a clear picture of requirements set by Bright from the Start regarding child care programs


  • National fingerprint background checks, including sex offender registry, on 100% of staff for child protection
  • State imposed teacher/child ratios for supervision and quality of care and protection
  • Required CPR/First Aid training for minimum of 100% of staff and federally required health and safety training that includes child abuse, illness, and injury
  • Mandatory supervision requirements and only positive forms of corrective discipline 
  • Mandatory safe sleep practices for infants to prevent SIDS
  • Rigorous health and safety requirements for diaper changing to prevent disease and illness
  • Strict sanitary practices for handling bottles, breast milk and USDA approved snacks
  • Minimum age criteria for teachers/staff so only trained adults are in charge
  • Education/Certification requirements for teachers/staff
  • Subject to unannounced DECAL inspections for program oversight by the State
  • Sickness policies to prevent the spread of serious illness
  • Sign In/Sign Out requirements for students to ensure supervision at all times

Licensed Child Care & After School Programs

Licensed programs are REQUIRED to meet all BFTS Requirements

Unlicensed/Exempt Child Care & After School Programs

Unlicensed and Exempt programs are NOT REQUIRED to meet any BFTS Requirements

Know The Difference. Know Your Options.