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Membership Matters - 40 Years & Growing

The Best Insurance You Will Buy For Your Business

GCCA is a non-profit membership organization serving as the voice of Georgia’s early education professionals within the halls of government and the communities of early learning professionals for 40 years.

Why should I join?

  • GCCA provides a full time Early Care Lobbyist to protect your business and be your voice at the capitol and with regulators.
  • GCCA updates members on regulatory changes in REAL TIME so you have the information you need quickly.
  • We work closely with legislators, regulators and the Governor’s office to improve vital Pre-K and CAPS funding.
  • GCCA hosts member’s only owner/director trainings to keep members abreast of industry trends and initiatives.
  • We provide national and statewide discount programs that save you money.
  • We leverage subject matter expertise of our vendors to provide both business and industry wide news and updates. 
  • We assist DECAL when developing regulations to ensure that they are not burdensome and can be easily executed. 

Whether you're a center owner in search of resources to grow your business or an individual teacher looking for a way to engage in your chosen profession, GCCA allows you to choose how to connect with the early learning child care industry.

See What Membership Option Works Best For You

Center Plus Membership

What is a Center Plus Membership?

GCCA has created a cost-effective bundle price for both center membership AND individual teacher membership for up to 50 center staff. We've created this plan to help owners support their staff obtain access to GCCA membership in order to meet the CDA requirement of membership to a professional organization. Center Plus Membership affords both centers and teachers access to GCCA offerings.

What does a Center Plus Membership cost?

A Center Plus Membership is $439 per year. Since we're to help you, your membership will automatically renew once it expires so you don't have to worry about missing out!

Center Membership
Individual Teacher Membership