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Membership Options To Meet Your Needs

The primary benefit of GCCA Membership is we engage the legislature and manage the legislative process in order to ensure any bills impacting our industry are in line with managing a success early care business.  We leverage the strength and voices of our membership to connect legislators to constituents to provide our unified voice.

We also work closely with DECAL to bring our members' issues to the table and find resolution.  We provide immediate communication to help you learn about and effectively implement any new regulation to avoid costly citations.

Most importantly, we assist DECAL when developing regulations to ensure that they not burdensome and easily executed by the provider community.

GCCA Members have access to the cost saving benefits, including:

  • A voice and a place to call when you have concerns or issues
  • Discounted training and members- only events
  • No cost webinars and other professional development
  • Free membership meetings and lunch and learns
  • Timely communication to save you from costly regulations
  • Reduced costs for criminal background checks
  • National discount programs
  • Access to vetted vendor partner resources
  • Networking opportunities and leadership experiences

Whether you're a center owner in search of resources to grow your business or an individual teacher looking for a way to engage in your chosen profession, GCCA allows you to choose how to connect with the early learning child care industry.

See what membership option works best for you!

Center Plus Membership

What is a Center Plus Membership?

GCCA has created a cost-effective bundle price for both center membership AND individual teacher membership for up to 50 center staff.  We've created this plan to help owners support their staff obtain access to GCCA membership in order to meet the CDA requirement of membership to a professional organization.  Center Plus Membership affords both centers and teachers access to GCCA offerings.

What does a Center Plus Membership cost?

A Center Plus Membership is $429 per year.  Since we're to help you, your membership will automatically renew once it expires so you don't have to worry about missing out!

Center Membership
Individual Teacher Membership

How GCCA works on your behalf

We Advocate. We Communicate. We Educate.

  • We advocate for your the success of your business by providing full time Early Care Lobbyissts to protect your business and be your voice at the capitol and with regulators.
  • We communicate by providing REAL TIME access to regulatory updates so you have the information you need to implement changes and be in compliance.
  • We educate by working closely with legislators, regulators and other government officials to improve vital Pre-K and CAPS funding.
  • We support our members through MEMBERS ONLY conferences so you stay up to date on industry trends, initiatives, and network with your peer colleagues to share best practices.
  • We provide access to national and statewide discount programs that save you money.
  • We leverage subject matter exoerts through our vendor partners to ensure you have access to the best resources available in order to meet the needs of your growing business.