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GCCA Member Testimonials

Phoenix Associates has insured my small business (child care centers) for several years.  In addition to my business policies, they also manage our employee group health plan. I can't say enough about this agency and all of the people I have worked with there. Donna, LaToya, Sarah - top notch professionals.  They always have my best interests in mind and they look out for my business as well. They work diligently to get me the best coverage for the best rates available. Love this team and would highly recommend them to anyone. 

~Sharon Foster | Bells Ferry Learning Center

As assigned online administrator of the CCEI system, I am able to closely monitor the progress and work completed for each and every team member. This affords me the ability to ensure selected topics are done and that over time, the learning anticipated begins to unfold. With the knowledge most appropriate to the teacher’s designated age group, its specific challenges and with great accuracy, I am now able to deliberately and carefully plan professional development at this very high level. I am confident that this new system for the staff will considerably improve the outcomes and delivery of the Children’s Academy of Northlake program.

~Laura Newman, Director of Education and Curriculum | Children's Academy of Northlake | Tucker, GA

I had a great experience with CCEI. The course I had taken was online self-study CDA certification program. It was a great course and I learned a lot from it. The course had provided lot of information that I could apply while I am working with young children. My coach was very helpful, gave me suggestions, and answered my questions promptly. I was totally satisfied with my studies and will recommend this course to others. I am looking forward to other online courses through CCEI. Thank you very much!

~Sreedevie Ranjit | Suwanee, GA

Pathogend of Georgia serviced our daycare, Stepping Stones Academy. Pathogend disinfected our facility and had the reports of the results on Monday! They even put a sticky pad at the entrance to the infant room to collect dirt from the parents' shoes. We put our full trust in this company and are so happy with the results... making our center a safer place for our children.

~Jessica N., Stepping Stones Academy

I liked the feedback provided by the instructor. It was good to know that what I wrote was actually being read and asked to redo when my work was sloppy and not up to par.

~Ifie Omiela | First Step Learning Center | Smyrna, GA

Our child care center has been with Phoenix Associates for over 10 years.  They have helped us navigate all the insurance complexities that come with owning a child care business (liability, student accident insurance, workers comp, etc.).  They are customer-minded, helping us to find great rates as well as insurance companies that support our goals.  Donna Marcus especially has been a huge help to us over the years.  We highly recommend Phoenix Associates. 

~Lynn McKinnon | Foundations for the Future

LifeCubby allows me to be in touch with the parents of the children in my class on a daily basis. It records all activities during the day and keeps the parents informed. From clocking the children in in the morning to recording meals, naptimes and any other information that is relevant. It allows the parents to message back to us anything that they would like us to know as well as me being able to message the parents, including pictures of their children or even to inform them that they are short on diapers or spare clothes, etc. LifeCubby is easy to use and to navigate around the system. Nothing but great things from the parents too!   Keeping the parents of the children in my class informed of how their day is going.... that's priceless! Once you get used to it, LifeCubby is new and innovative. It was frustrating in the beginning trying to figure out all the great information that can be shared. Once I figured it out, I got more confident and it has become an invaluable tool for my profession.

~Mary Beckmann | Teacher | Young Scholars Academy