Owner and Director Conferences: Created by Owners for Owners

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Don't miss out on the last
Owner and Director Conference of 2017!

Existing GCCA Members:       $99.00  $82.00 (use code IRMA)

New GCCA Members:             $179.00 $162.00 (use code IRMA)
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Here's what you will learn...


Enhance your business through leadership - whether it's managing community relationships, performance management or specific HR related topics our conferences are created with your needs in mind.  We can help you take your leadership skills to the next level.


We live in a fast-paced world and keeping up with changes in technology and general business needs can seem overwhelming to the best business owner.  Let us be your innovation station as we help you navigate through a world of evolving technologies and provide ideas to build solutions for your thriving business.


We love seeing child care businesses grow.  You will have an opportunity to learn strategies that strengthen your bottom line - from increasing enrollment while reducing accounts receivables to marketing through social media. Our team of experts can put you on a path to grow your business and meet your specific needs.

Here's how you will learn...

By Advocating

Strong leaders advocate for their community, parents, children, employees, and their business.  Attending Owner and Director Conferences positions you to advocate for your business by hearing:

  • Trusted industry experts discuss trending topics
  • Legal advisors explain critical regulations that will and/or have impact to your business
  • Ways to take your business to the next level or plan the next step in your career

By Communicating

Communication is key in today's society and how you communicate can make or break your business.  Attending Owner and Director Conferences positions you to effectively communicate with anyone by learning:

  • Innovative ways to keep your center front and center in the community
  • New tools to strengthen relationships with DECAL, teachers and parents
  • Ways to implement crisis management strategies to ensure clear, concise communication

By Educating

Knowledge is power and being educated on licensing requirements, ways to train staff, and implementing new policies/procedures can feel overwhelming.  Attending Owner and Director Conferences positions you to access a wealth of education by:

  • Understanding the benefit to your business through investing in staff with our professional development opportunities
  • Gaining insight to business resources in order to facilitate center financial solvency for long-term sustainability

See what your colleages have to say about attending April's Spring Conference in Duluth

I came out inspired and able to do some new things at my center because of the things I learned. I'm glad I went! The conference was a success!

~Mary, Child Care Center Director

Happy with program – there were some excellent discussions and it was nice to network with my colleagues to share best practices.

~Tom, Child Care Center Owner

I'm looking to move to the next phase of my life and retire.  I learned so much about next steps, transition plans, and how to communicate when I'm ready.  This was the BEST conference ever!

~Barbara, Child Care Center Owner


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