Georgia Pre-Kindergarten

High quality early learning with rich language put children on a path to read and future academic success!
High quality early learning with rich language put children on a path to read and future academic success!

GA Pre-K Provider Resources

Pre-K contracts are posted at the end of March each year for the upcoming year.

If you currently have Georgia Pre-K classrooms and are considering ADDING a new class for next year, we highly recommend you ask for an expansion class at the beginning when you resign your contracts.

DECAL often grants new classes mid-year once roster counts and waiting lists have been analyzed and they look FIRST at those providers who asked for a new class during the application process!

If you DO NOT have Georgia Pre-K, but would like a class, follow this link to submit an application.

DECAL is looking for programs to deliver the Pre-K Summer Transition Program, for more information and application follow link.

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards 

Georgia's Online Free Learning Library

The Importance of Early Learning

Georgia Pre-K Program is a partnership between public schools and private licensed child care centers and DECAL.

GCCA strongly advocates for full investment in this lottery funded program to ensure positive child outcomes and future academic success. GCCA also supports full funding to protect businesses from underfunded, mandated program expenses that can reduce your center's program quality and result in business losses.

The general areas in which we lobby are:

  • Increase operational expenses to cover true program costs
  • Teacher salary levels commensurate with those in public school systems to ensure classroom stability and reduce turnover
  • Reduction of class size to 20, decreasing burden to teachers and program
  • Hold harmless on payment deductions for less than full roster counts
  • Maintain balance of private pre-k versus public centers and reduce public school system migration
  • Inclusion of Georgia Pre-K in future funding where HOPE Scholarship is considered (e.g., Casino Gambling or Parimutuel Betting)

Pre-K Legislation At Work

1/17: Georgia Pre-K providers received an additional $300 for school supplies which was a direct result of GCCA testimony to the Education and Youth Committee last session asking for additional funding.

3/17: GCCA worked with DECAL in 3/17 to include private providers in spring expansion classes in targeted counties. Initially the pilot was only being extended to public school systems.

3/17: GCCA lobbying team worked to kill SB 98 which looked to expand Pre-K and 0-3 classrooms into public schools using tax payer monies through capital outlay funds to build classrooms.

3/17:  GCCA lobbying effectively for both Casino Bills to include Georgia Pre-K in funding and not only Hope Scholarships.  Both bills were withdrawn after intent campaigning to the General Assembly and the bill sponsor will be adding Pre-K when the bills are introduced next session.